Gabe Scalise

1920 North 36th Street, Apartment 6
Seattle, Washington 98103


University of Utah - Bachelor of Science, Major: Sociology, Diversity Studies                                                        December 2012
Graduated Cum Laude
Salt Lake City, Utah

Freelance Experience

Photographer / Videographer / Visual Storyteller                                                                                     January 2008 - Present

●   Worked start to finish with clients to develop their vision and to create content for print & digital public.
●   Used creative writing to develop and write creative written content to accompany photos and video
●   Edited images and video to appeal to the clients vision and a targeted audience
●   Use Google Analytics to analyze content, keywords, & metadata to increase viewership and engagement
●   Tracked metadata, keywords, and phrasing using SEO / SEM systems to increase search engine visibility
●   Shared and analyzed content on social media including Facebook and Instagram using CRM Systems
●   Work has been published across the web and in print by magazines, businesses, organizations, and more.

Work Experience

Bonsai Media Group - Digital Content Creator                                                                                                    May 2017 - Present
Seattle, Washington

●   Directly responsible for developing and creating all creative media for the agency and its clients
●   Worked with clients start to finish to develop, shoot, organize, and edit work in a timely manner
●   Still (Canon 5D Mark II DSLR) and Motion (ZenMuse X5s 5k video camera) Camera Operator
●   Shot motion drone footage using a DJI Inspire 2 with a ZenMuse X5s video camera
●   Organized and edited all creative media (photo, video) content
●   Wrote blog posts and worked with guest bloggers and influencers to develop and author new content
●   Worked with clients to develop their vision and to shoot highly creative and targeted content
●   Shot and edited video for advertising and promotional use on TV and the internet

Korea Poly School - International School Teacher                                                                                      March 2015 - March 2016
Seoul, South Korea

●   Coached and guided a diverse student body in an International School setting through their education
●   Motivated students to excel in a range of subjects including literature, public speaking, and history
●   Maintained records in a central database of daily curriculum and student attendance
●   Worked in Excel to maintain student records and track performance
●   Planned and lead large scale events multiple times per year

Disability Law Center - Communications Assistant / Administrative Assistant                                          March 2013 - June 2014
Salt Lake City, Utah

●   Developed, edited, and promoted creative content on the web, social media, and in print publications
●   Worked with Senior Management to assist on organizational and office management tasks
●   Designed, implemented, and maintained a new website and its contents using HTML, CSS and Java
●   Used Google Analytics to track social and web content and to target and engage new audiences
●   Tracked metadata, keywords, and phrasing using SEO / SEM systems to increase search engine visibility
●   Designed, implemented, and maintained social media outlets, email marketing lists, and newsletter
●   Worked to write and submit a million dollar Federal grant application to which we were awarded
●   Assisted in planning and executing our yearly fundraising Gala
●   Tracked fundraising goals and reached out in unique ways to potential donors
●   Member of the Community Relations Team developing outreach and communications strategies

Children of Ethiopia Education Fund - Media and Communications Coordinator                                     March 2012 – March 2013 Salt Lake City, Utah

●   Designed, implemented, and updated a new website and it’s contents using Wordpress, HTML, and CSS
●   Wrote and edited original content for the web and print including email chains, newsletters, and more.
●   Designed targeted graphics, posters, photos, and video content for marketing and promotional use
●   Created content for social media networks and shared and maintained that content using CRM Systems
●   Used Google Analytics to track social and web content metadata to target and engage new audiences
●   Tracked metadata, keywords, and phrasing using SEO / SEM systems to increase search engine visibility
●   Developed and organized a central database of donors and clients using Excel
●   Developed and implemented an Outreach and Communication strategy for the organization
●  Assisted Senior Management in planning and fundraising for our large annual giving event

Boys and Girls Club - Teen Center Coordinator                                                                                   December 2012 – March 2013
Salt Lake City, Utah

●   Managed 3 staff members and up to 100 teenage students daily
●   Scheduled activities, programs, and activities for staff and students on a daily basis
●   Coordinated travel & transportation and provided students with assistance in school and the community.
●   Maintained a central database record of staff and student performance and attendance

United Nations Development Program - English Teacher                                                                      June 2010 - September 2010
La Serena, Chile

●   Taught English to eighth through twelfth grade students to engage and motivate them to pursue English.
●   Worked start to finish to review and rewrite the contents of the school’s English Language curriculum
●   Helped the school find and utilize resources to improve the functioning and quality of education
●  Maintained and tracked student performance in a central database

Salt Lake City School District - After School Program Leader                                                              November 2008 – May 2009
Salt Lake City, Utah

●   Worked in a low income school district with diverse populations assisting with homework, planning activities, and managing student behavior
●   Acted as an advocate for the students in their own education


Digital and film photography, Videography, Photo Editing, Video Editing, and Content Management. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Engine Management (SEM), as well as CRM systems. Google Analytics and Adwords. Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, and Word. Wordpress Front and Back-end Web Development. Intermediate knowledge of HTML and CSS. Database Systems Management.

Continuing Education

Google Analytics Academy  - Certificate in Digital Analytics Fundamentals                                                                 

HubSpot - Certification in Content Marketing                                                                                                      

Select Accomplishments

●   United Nations Representative to Chile through the Chilean Ministry of Education in La Serena, Chile
●   Traveled to over 30 countries seeking to grow in my understanding of world issues, people, and the natural world
●   Published photography book titled Feelings Among Giants by Sunday Mornings at the River Publishing House
●   Published creative writer with outlets such as The PhoBlographer, The Adventure Handbook, Nope Fun, Vesper Mag, and more.

Website / Portfolio

References available upon request