The Disability Law Center

A case study using Graphic Design, Web Design, SEO and Analytics, and Digital Media Content Creation to drive marketing and communication's strategies

At the DLC, I was initially hired to serve as the Administrative Assistant. My job title quickly changed to Communications Assistant working on the Communications Team and Community Outreach Team to develop and implement strategies, programs, and create digital media content and marketing strategies that would drive new growth and reach out to new and targeted audiences in creative and informative ways.

These are some of the steps I took to accomplish that goal:



Created marketing and communications material that was highly creative, informative, and engaging

A step in accomplishing this goal was through developing, designing, and sharing targeted and creative content across the web and in print. This included newsletters, annual reports, banners, brochures, graphics, and logos and through working with local artists, the Communications Team, and Senior Executives, we were able to design and write engaging and thought-provoking content and in turn move the organization into a new era of design and engagement with clients and the community.

I accomplished this by working in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator. 





Redesigned the organization's website, rewrote and reorganized all it's content, and edited and managed new content to drive increased viewership and engagement

Another step to accomplishing the goal of modernizing the Disability Law Center was through migrating an unorganized and confusing website over to Wordpress and revamping, redesigning, and rewriting the content of the website. By working on a team and independently, I was able to come up with a final product that was much more engaging, creative, and informative.

I accomplished this by working in Wordpress, Google Analytics, and a knowledge of HTML and CSS.



SEO and SEM Management

I was able to get the Disability Law Center on the second page of Google when searching our highlighted key phrase "disability law center".  The original Disability Law Center website was found on page 7. This improved viewership and allowed us to reach out to new audiences who otherwise would not have found the organization on page 7.

I accomplished this by working to analyze metadata, keywords and phrasing, and optimizing media and content, as well as working in Google Analytics to track web traffic and target information and media in more engaging and informative ways.




Google Analytics 

 I use Google Analytic data to drive users to engage and take in more important information on our website through targeting that information towards popular pages, as well as engaged with users through sharing creative content on pages in which users were spending the most time on. By tracking metadata in Google Analytics and analyzing those results, I was able to find that there was too much detailed written content on some pages that caused the visitor to likely leave without even reading any content. By summarizing information and by creating videos and graphics, I was able to better explain this information in a creative way and in turn solved some of these issues. Additionally, I followed acquisitions and referrers to see where web traffic was coming from and through looking into those sources, I was able to gain a better idea of how and where to target shareable content on the web. 





Social Media Management

 When I started at the organization, the Disability Law Center had not updated their social media accounts in months and had all of 13 likes on their Facebook page. In a little over a year, I was able to increase this total to over 1,500 likes. I accomplished this by creating and sharing highly creative content in a consistent voice across multiple networks and tracking that reception using CRM systems and Facebook Analytics. I also developed a strategy to promote our annual giving Gala through paid advertising on social media and through these efforts, we were able to raise tens of thousands of dollars and engage with audiences and the public in ways that were previously unknown to the organization.